Ian has enabled me to step back from the day-to-day pressures of running my business and focus on the critical issues facing my organisation. He brings a measured, non-directive approach to our sessions which has allowed me to come up with solutions and strategies for myself. Each session is clearly structured and goal-focussed, leaving me with specific tasks to work on to achieve my business objectives.

Phil Bingham

Founder/Owner, VeloVixen

I’ve found my coaching sessions with Ian to be incredibly valuable in helping me deal with specific challenges I face in running the business. Ian creates a relaxed and open environment so that I can explore issues for myself, but at the same time he challenges me so that I can bring focus and clarity to my proposed solution.

Andrew Risbey

Founder/CEO, Timeoutdoors

My coaching sessions with Ian have been very beneficial in giving me the time to think carefully about my overall business strategy and direction. Having a clear structure to those sessions, with a particular focus on a specific goal, has been a really useful way for me to concentrate my attention on what is critical to my business. Ian has challenged my thinking, through his questioning techniques, and that has enabled me to see issues from different perspectives.

Olly Hallam

Mediator, Oliver Hallam Mediation

Through our coaching sessions, Ian has inspired me to renew and develop my confidence as a lawyer. He has an accomplished ability to help you navigate through your issues and identify options. He breaks down those issues into bite sized chunks and distils them down into manageable sessions to keep you focussed and on track. However, you are in the driving seat at all times, I have never felt that I am not in control of the sessions and he always ensures that you feel your goal is being accomplished. You get out what you put in – and it is worth it, thank you Ian.


Senior Legal Counsel, FTSE top 10, Company