My Coaching Approach

Space to Grow

I create a calm, friendly yet professional environment where you can explore work-related issues and concerns while finding the inspiration to shape future success.

I’ll challenge you and make you think deeply, helping you see things from a new perspective and allowing you to develop the strategies you need to excel.

Typically I work with coaching clients over a series of six sessions spaced over six months. However, this is flexible and can be tailored to suit your particular situation. Often clients choose a shorter programme of three targeted sessions which is particularly useful if the issues you are facing are timebound.

Coaching sessions can be held at your offices, although I usually find it’s better to get away from your workplace. Stepping away from your work environment can often help you gain the perspective you need to address a particular challenge or provide the inspiration to make the most of opportunities.

Getting to know you

Before starting the sessions, I’ll meet you for what I call a ‘chemistry session’. Usually in an informal setting over a coffee, we’ll have a chat and get to know each other. We’ll also explore your issues and objectives before tailoring the coaching programme to suit you.